Goals Or No Goals

Goals Or No Goals
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  • Will Both Teams to Score? = YES or NO.
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The Goals markets alone these days can be quiet daunting when deciding what type of bet to go for and the first and most popular of these is the both teams to score market.

This still probably is one of the most popular forms of betting on football these days, certainly on the Goals markets and many a Saturday the bookies are stuffed with coupons from people betting on both teams to score.

The strange thing is most people bet on the outcome to be yes, they assume that this type of bet is betting on both teams to score, when actually it is giving you one of two options.

The actual bet is Will Both teams Score? Yes or No? and you can select either type of bet depending on whether or not you think both teams will score or at least one team will not score, in which case you would select the no option. However hardly anyone does this. They assume that the both teams to score coupon means selecting just those games where you think both sides will get a goal. But there are two equally lucrative options to this bet. Maybe most people feel comfortable betting on both teams to score but there are many games where you can predict very few goals or the likelihood of one team not scoring a goal.

This option is nearly always overlooked, and both options give equally good value, so without being dogmatic we use the whole coupon and select both games that we think both teams will score in and also games where we think that one or both teams will not score. We get the best of both worlds, why give the bookie the advantage of ignoring half the coupon.

There are plenty of opportunities to back both teams to score and also many others where one or both will not score, so we make a fantastic income by selecting both options.

Will Both Teams Score? Yes or No?

Will We Make You Big Profits? = YES we will.

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