Multi Mega Machine

Multi Mega Machine
  • EARN £5,000+ Per MONTH
  • PERMS & LUCKY 15

This is the service for those punters who like a shot at the big money, but with a realistic chance of making big profits on a regular basis, for relatively modest outlays.

Visit any bookies and have a look at the number of football coupons promising huge amounts of cash for little outlay.

There are even ‘Millionaire’ coupons.

All you need to do is ‘just’ predict the results of twenty football matches-selected by the bookie obviously.

If you get them all right you will win a million pounds!

For just £2 outlay.

Good Luck!

Horse Racing has the Scoop 6.

Again you need to pick the winners of the six races carefully selected each Saturday by the bookmakers. You would be doing well to get two or three.

Of course, occasionally some punter gets lucky and wins a huge amount for a small stake by getting the Scoop 6 up, or having a fifteen game winning accumulator on the football.

Very occasionally.

This service won’t be giving out tips for fifteen team accumulators.

It will be providing well-researched, thought-out doubles, trebles and accumulators on football, tennis, golf, Racing, etc-wherever we can see the opportunity of making big money for modest stakes.

We also give out perms as a form of insurance and a bit of cover in case one or more teams or players let the bet down.

We might not make you a millionaire-but we will greatly improve your bank balance, and have the potential for making you a small fortune for relatively modest stakes.

So if the chance of making big profits for a relatively small outlay appeals to you then you need look no further than the ‘Multi Mega Machine’ Service.

Join now for a great chance of the big payouts almost every week.


Just £47 per month. Save £176 a year with a quarterly subscription at £97 or a massive £317 a year for £247!