Fallers & Failures

Fallers & Failures
  • EARN £3,000 to £4,000 Per MONTH.

 Primarily originally a laying service over the Jumps, Fallers & Failures have recruited experts on laying on the flat too, & with double the tips, comes double the profits.

Backing horses to win, especially over jumps, is difficult as there are many obstacles – literally. On the flat, for example in a 5f sprint, you must have drawn bias to contend with, whereas the jump provides many dangers to scupper you’re well thought out wager. Obviously, the horse could fall at any one of the flights or fences, or unseat the rider on landing, or be brought down by a faller in the front of it. It could refuse to jump a particular fence, or hit so hard that it loses all momentum and a winning chance is lost. And then of course it has to beat every other horse in the race!

In fact, it seems as if it should be a lot easier to lay a horse to lose than to find a winner!

There is so much in a punter’s favour when considering laying a horse over jumps. As well as all the possibilities above, you have every other horse running for you. Naturally the price is very important as you don’t want a high liability that is why you’ll need some expertise to aid you, and this service provides the knowledge, experience and expertise required.

Our team has many years between them studying jump racing- they are professionals and selective. Their aim is to provide a steady stream of winning lays leading to long term profit.

With the advent of summer jumping, it is now an all year-round sport with plenty of opportunities to make serious money each and every month.

As we mentioned at the start, primarily & enthusiastically this service originally lay horses over jumps only, but with the flat racing lay guys on board now too, not only can you profit from all the jump lays but from lays on the flat too, boosting profits & making fallers & Failures THE HORSE RACING LAY SERVICE to be with.

Now is the time to join the service that sorts out the fallers and the failures and makes them winners … for you!

Just £47 per month. Save £176 a year with a quarterly subscription at £97 or a massive £317 a year for £247!