Mixed Perms

Mixed Perms
  • EARN £5,000.00+ PER MONTH

This is the service for those punters who like a shot at the big money for small stakes. But unlike most services or tempting bookie offers, MIXED PERMS gives you a very realistic opportunity to hit the big profits time & again and below we will explain why.

But firstly, here is why Big Wins for small stakes normally do not produce the desired results.

If you visit any bookies you will see a number of football coupons promising huge amounts of cash for little outlay.

There are even ‘Millionaire’ coupons.

All you need to do is ‘just’ predict the results of twenty football matches-selected by the bookie obviously.

If you get them all right you will win a million pounds!

For just £2 outlay.

Good Luck!

Horse Racing has the Scoop 6.

Again, you need to pick the winners of the six races carefully selected each Saturday by the bookmakers. You would be doing well to get two or three.

Of course, occasionally some punter gets lucky and wins a huge amount for a small stake by getting the Scoop 6 up, or having a 20 game winning accumulator on the football.

Very occasionally.

This service won’t be giving out tips for twenty team accumulators.

Here is what we will provide and why Mixed Perms can make you wealthy without breaking your bank in the process.

We will be providing well-researched, thought-out MIXED PERMS & Accumulators on football, tennis, golf, cricket, Horse Racing, etc-wherever we can see the opportunity of making big money.

We will pick the very best bets of the DAY from ANY SPORT or RACE and combine them to produce a perm that really does have an outstanding chancing of making big wins for small stakes on a regular basis.

Why? Simply because we have experts in different fields giving us there top one or two bets of the day in there chosen sport. All we do is then combine them in a Perm to produce fantastic results that simply can not be matched anywhere else.

Why be dogmatic and only pick say several football tips on that day to perm, when there may be one or two outstanding football bets but there also may be a couple of tennis bets and perhaps an outstanding horse, or cricket selection on the same day too, to bet on.

Can you see our point here! We simply combine all the best bets on the same day from any sport or Race to produce The Ultimate Perm. All we want is a winning bet each time, so why restrict yourself to selecting from one type of sport, when there are several outstanding bets for all sports available on most days.

Win BIG for Small Stakes with MIXED PERMS.

Just £47 per month. Save £176 a year with a quarterly subscription at £97 or a massive £317 a year for £247!