Private Members Betting Club

Private Members Betting Club
  • We can Place ALL your bets for you.
  • Get Extra Late Inside Info, ‘Short Notice Specials’
  • No Profits, No Fees –
  • We Only Win if you do.
  • Don’t Receive Bets in time! No Problem.
  • Too Busy to get all the bets on! No Problem
  • Unable to Place Bets due to country betting restrictions! No Problem.
  • Or Simply just prefer someone else to do the work for you! No Problem.


(Only Available to Subscribers of Private Members Betting Club)

Welcome to the Private Members Betting Club, the club where members of any of our services, can have all their bets placed for them by us including late advice, short notice specials.

Weather you have problems receiving the bets in time daily to place them yourselves, weather you are too busy to get them on, or simply if you just prefer someone else to do all the work in placing the bets for you, then the Private Members Betting Club could be for you.

It may be that you have problems placing bets in different countries, because of time zones or restrictions on access to bookies and exchanges in certain countries, well no there is no need to worry and miss out, we can place all the bets for you.

In addition to the normal bets we can place for you on the service/s you wish us to place, we will also place any additional bets that the tipsters get late information or advice on. These extra tips can be very profitable and are not available to the normal website services due to the nature of the tips being given on short notice, perhaps just before the off as in horse racing from their racing contacts, or just before a football match, after for example team news is taken into consideration, especially in cup games which is often not available till a short while before kick-off.

To join this service, you simply send us your betting bank, as per one of the options below, and email us with the service/s, that you wish us to place the bets for you, and everything will be taken care of for you in accordance to the terms below. You can then simply relax, put your feet up and let us earn the money for you.

We simply charge a small monthly commission from the profits made, so if no profit is made, then no fee is applicable. We only win if you do, we can’t say fairer than that.

Options & Terms of Business.

Please select from one of the betting bank options (full details listed below) and complete your payment for EACH of your chosen services, and email us with the services that you wish us to place the bets for at


  • EXISITNG SERVICE BETS (Our Current Service Bets ONLY)

Option 1: £500 Betting Bank (£10 per Bet)
Option 2: £1,000 Betting Bank (£20 per Bet)
Option 3: £1,500 Betting Bank (£30 per Bet)
Option 4: £2,000 Betting Bank (£40 per Bet)
Option 5: £2,500 Betting Bank (£50 per Bet)
Option 6: £3,000 Betting Bank (£60 per Bet)
Option 7: £4,000 Betting Bank (£80 per Bet)
Option 8: £5,000 Betting Bank (£100 per Bet)
Option 9: £10,000 Betting Bank (£200 per Bet)

Service Options Explained:

Service Option 1: These are our Private Bets that we receive or gather late information for and are not available to anyone else other than here, due to the nature and lateness of the information we receive & use.

Service Option 2: These are the Current Club or Normal Service Bets that you currently subscribe to as a member of one or more of our current tipping services.

Service Option 3: Here we place ALL your bets for you, both for the current Club or Normal Services you receive in your daily tip’s emails & in addition to these we also place The Short Notice Specials Bets for you.

Select a Betting Bank amount from the drop-down list below, and click Add To Cart to add this amount to your cart. You will then be automatically taken to the Cart Checkout page.

Betting Bank Amount

Every 4 months you will have the option to withdraw all of your winnings, part of your winnings with an option to reinvest part to increase your betting bank from profits made, or you can re-invest all of your profits made in order build up your betting bank from the profits. If no profits are made in the 4-month period, we will continue to place the bets for you for the next 4 months and so on.

Original Betting bank investments may be withdrawn in full or part of, at any time after an 12-month period, assuming losses have not been made, in which case obviously no investment is available for withdrawal.

You will be provided with monthly statements on how your betting is going, which will include any Short Notice Special Bets that we have placed for you on your behalf.

We will deduct just 20% commission each month on the profits made and no other fees are charged. If we don’t make any profits during any month, then no commission is payable for that month.

Its important to never bet with more money than you can afford to lose, so please bear this in mind when submitting your initial betting bank investment’s.

We hope to welcome you as a member of Private Members Betting Club.